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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Communicating for life

“The one factor that will determine how much money you will make is your ability to communicate”. I heard the statement for the first time from Marshawn Evans, the CEO of Communication Counts, and it made a lot of sense to me.
This is the information age. Everything is revolving around information and how it is transferred from one place to another; from the sender to the receiver and back to the sender. The main fact is that this trend will continue. Information will become more essential. It has been predicted that in the next few years the ability to use the Internet will become a basic necessity. It’s either you are in it or you loose out in every other thing.
In spite of the proliferation of digital communication, the most basic form of communication such as speaking, writing, and gesturing are still relevant. So even if you don’t have access to a computer, may be you have a phone. If you don’t, at least you can speak. If you can’t, may be you can write. If you can’t, may be you give show gestures. Whichever way, ensure that you communicate.
No matter how great your idea is, you cannot grow it alone; you must learn skills from other people; you must seek fund from other people; you must work with other people and when you succeed at turning it into marketable products, you must sell it to other people.
I consciously used the word ‘must’ and that is because we really do not have a choice in this matter. The things that we need to progress are always with other people, around us or far away, and we must communicate to access them.
Communicating is as important as living. Great communicators are usually seen as wealthy, influential and relevant, and they usually are. So thrive to become one.

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