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Monday, September 6, 2010

What is your Brand Proposition?

Really, think about it. What is your promise? What do you have to offer the next person you are going to meet? Have you thought about it? Do you really have something to offer and are you really offering what you have?
Brand proposition means brand promise; the value that a business offers its customers or what a customer stands to gain by doing business with a corporation or purchasing a product. But for this post, I am considering the proposition of your personal brand.
Assuming you were a business, what will you be known for?
Coca-Cola is known for refreshment; Burj Al Arab [the only 7-star hotel in the world] is known for luxury; Microsoft is known for computer software innovations; Tiger Woods is known for excellence in golf; what are you known for?
You may not be popular yet. At least the spotlight is yet to shine on you, as a result only a few people know whether you are clueless or not, that is if they care. However, you should have something about you; something that makes you you; something that makes you different from others.
This is one thing that brand conscious firms do. They try to do something different or do same thing with others in different ways.
If you do not offer something different, why should anybody patronise you, especially if you are new in the market.
Think. Everyone in your crowded profession wants to get more jobs, more pay, more recognition just like you. And the easiest way to get ahead is to come of the crowd, focus, and fire.
What to do:
Take time out, probably a retreat, and think about who you really are. Document your talents, skills, and your areas of passion. Come to a conclusion and define who you are. Then let this definition of you, determine how you interact with others and what you produce: your speeches, your writings, your dressing and all your other forms of expression.
After this, make conscious effort to deliver value to whoever you come in contact with, wherever.

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