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Friday, December 31, 2010

Focus your Brand some more

This is coming on the last day of 2010, and it is to remind you that the only way you can have a powerful personal brand, one that can break through the clutter in 2011, is to streamline and differentiate.
It is said that, “it is not good to be jack of all trade and master of none”. And it is true. The world we now live in is getting busier, with so many things to take people’s attention, so if you are going to get noticed and patronised; then you really must be DIFFERENT, I mean, aggressively different

As much as I advocate that people should endeavour to develop as many of their talents as possible, I also advise that you have to focus on one thing you can do very well, something you do excellently while having fun. Make it your niche and master it, then the other talents can supplement at some points.
Therefore, one of your New Year resolution or strategy should be to streamline your involvements and commitments. Focus on the important things, and do the less important when you have spare time.
Categorize all your endeavours into majors and minors. And decide to brutally ensure that a minor does not take the time of a major.
This does not mean you should condemn yourself to a life devoid of fun. No. You must learn how to have fun while being productive. For me, rest is one of my major. I’m going to really plan to rest more but quite strategically.
Focus, focus, focus; must be your theme in 2011.
Thanks for being there.
Have a wonderful, business-full, profit-full, client-full, New Year.

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